3 Career Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

by Valerie Jones, Careers Editor

So by now, the holiday feasting is over and the gym memberships have multiplied … but what resolutions have you made in regard to your career?

Whether it’s advancing your career or stepping up your job search, it’s important to put some effort into improving your career, and what better time to begin than the start of a new year?

Those who work in the oil and gas industry have experienced a difficult 12 months and moving forward more than likely involves making decisions about retirement, finding a way to get things done with less money and resources at your current job or looking for a new job altogether.

Here are three things oil and gas workers can resolve to do for their career in the New Year:

  1. Ask to Take on More Projects at Work

We all know the current market conditions for oil and gas. And we’re all aware of the “lower for longer” mindset and “do more with less” approach to work. So, you’re probably thinking why on Earth would I want to ask for more things to do? Hear me out. Taking on more responsibility not only shows leadership, but allows you to expand your skill sets – making you a much more valuable employee and marketable job candidate should you find yourself in a career transition. While it’s never a good idea to overextend yourself, consider saying yes to a new project or heading up a new committee. You may actually find something else you enjoy in your line of work, which can lead to future promotions.

  1. Devote More Time to Building Your Professional Brand

Something that often goes overlooked by employees is the importance of developing and building their professional brand. Take this year to begin doing so if you haven’t already, or if you have, begin cultivating your brand. There are several ways to go about this: update your social media profiles, join professional groups or boards or become a mentor to younger workers in your company. Your brand is an essential part of your career because it’s something you can control – and it travels with you, no matter the job or career path.

  1. Attend at Least One Industry Event

If the cost of an industry conference doesn’t fall into your budget this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t still network or surround yourself with like-minded professionals. Consider attending industry events such as mixers, networking events or speaking engagements. This will be especially beneficial if you are currently on the job hunt. Being in the same room with people in the industry will allow you to forge new relationships that could potentially turn into career opportunities for you down the road. And if nothing else, you’ll be able to keep a pulse on the industry issues and hot topics, so you’ll be ready when the market turns around.


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